Preparing for a Breathwork Workshop Print E-mail

Welcome to the Holotropic Breathwork Experience!! For those new to Holotropic Breathwork, it can be a very powerful tool for exploration, growth, and integration. However, every experience is different and unpredictable - the range of experiences covers all emotions and intensity levels. So release any expectations and agendas. The only mental preparation necessary is to come with an open and adventurous spirit that is ready to surrender to the breathwork process guided by your own inner healer.

The purpose of this letter is to provide you with all logistical information necessary for the workshop. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns not addressed in this information. The workshop will include an hour-long introduction and explanation at the beginning, so we hope to cover all background and process-related information then. I have included a medical history form as a Word attachment. Let me know if you can't open it. Please fill out the health form and bring it with you on Saturday. We look forward to seeing you soon!

What to Bring

Recommended Items:

  • Any bedding, including sleeping pad (thermarest, camping pads, air mattresses)some mats will be available, sheets, blankets, pillows, and whatever you need to be comfortable lying down for 3 hours or sitting for 3 hours. The room is carpeted.
  • Health form
  • Wear comfortable clothing, layers for removing or adding

Optional Items:

  • Any objects of spiritual/inspirational significance for the small altar
  • Eye shades/ear plugs for light/sound sensitive people
  • A water bottle if you want - water will be available
  • A journal if you like to process by writing
  • Stuffed animals and any comfort items

Leave Behind:

  • Any strong scents (like perfume, strong deodorant etc.)
  • Jewelry


The Holotropic Breathwork format utilizes partnering, but it is not at all necessary to already have a partner before the workshop. Everyone will have a partner by the time we begin. If you already know someone else in the workshop, it is perfectly fine to either partner with that person or to partner with someone new.


Vegetarian food (with many textures and flavors) will be provided for lunch and dinner meals. What and how you eat can affect your process. Meat products can have a very "grounding" effect on the psyche and dairy products clog the respiratory system preventing the fullest deepest breath. It is best to do the breathing portion of the workshop on an empty stomach, but we don't want you to be so hungry during your session that your hunger consumes you. Within a pair of partners, one partner will breathe in the morning and the other in the afternoon. If you already know who your partner will be, you may want to decide ahead of time who is breathing in which time slot (morning or afternoon). The morning breather can plan to eat a very light breakfast or skip breakfast. The afternoon breather can plan to eat a very light lunch or skip lunch. If you do not have a partner, you may eat a very light breakfast (or skip breakfast) and bring a snack bar or something to eat in the morning in case you end up breathing in the afternoon. Fasting is not recommended unless you regularly fast or have recently fasted. This is not the time to try out fasting for the first time.

Planning Your Time

The breathwork process is often much larger than the time of the actual workshop. For some people, the psyche begins to prepare a few days in advance for the experience. After the workshop, many people prefer to have some down time to integrate the experience. Feel free to honor any commitments for Friday, but it can always be helpful to get a decent night's rest. We suggest refraining from any alcohol or drugs on Friday. You may want to pay attention to your dreams Friday night. For the night after the workshop (Saturday night), we suggest that you don't make any definite plans that require lots of social interaction or "work" (like a big party). It's OK to make plans to go out on Saturday night, but we just advise you to keep them tentative in case you feel like changing them after the breathwork. A mellow Sunday may also be appreciated.