Typical Breathwork Workshop Schedule Print E-mail

The following is a typical weekend style workshop.

Friday night, 7PM - 10PM

Friday night is the didactic portion of the workshop. We will start with introductions. The entire process will be covered in detail, questions answered, concerns and fears addressed so that you each leave excited and "ready" to explore new territory on Saturday.

The work is done with a partner and we'll figure that out Friday night. We will discuss what you need to bring, what you need to wear, what your role is sitting for your partner, what you might encounter in a breathwork session, what kinds of experiences people have. We will also talk about Grof's studies and how the work has evolved. As I said, Friday night is the "information" session. Payment for the workshop should be taken care of Friday night .

Saturday 9AM - 9PM

It is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY that all participants remain for the duration of the workshop, from 9 AM to 9 PM in the evening. This is for your own benefit as well as the group's benefit. Please arrive at least a few minutes early.

Saturday is all experiential. We will start right away with one partner breathing from 9 - 12 noon. There will be mandala drawing and vegetarian lunch provided. The other partner session will begin at 1:30 and end at 4:30. There will be drawing and some more food time. Sharing will start at 5:30 and run until 8:30 is my guess - more or less depending on the group. That is brief outline of our time. More will be forthcoming on Friday night.

  • 1 hour introduction
  • 3 hour morning session
  • lunch
  • 3 hour afternoon session
  • dinner
  • group sharing
  • closure