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Holoquest is committed to the growth and development of happier, healthier, and more effective human beings through understanding the fundamental interconnectedness between all humanity, the material world, the natural world, and beyond. Holoquest provides educational and training programs in the areas of self-awareness, stress management, relationships, and social responsibility. Understanding and respect of the individual in relationship to self, others, society, and nature is essential for growth as a human being.

Experience Holotropic Breathwork in the Calm and Beauty of Nature.

“Holotropic” means “moving toward wholeness”, taking the next appropriate step on the journey toward wholeness. When we enter a holotropic state with an open mind and no agenda, the psyche seems to “select” the experience that opens us to discovering what is really going on at the deepest levels of our being at that time, allowing that experience to evolve and teach us.

Holotropic Breathwork Presentation

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Get a sense of touch in the skin, and direct sensory relief.



Expand awareness and access non-ordinary states of consciousness.


Stress Management

Be willing and able to take care of yourself, and talking about what you want and need.


2021 New Breathwork Sessions


Little Creek

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