What is holotropic Breathwork

A natural, safe technique to expand awareness and access non-ordinary states of consciousness.

“Holotropic” means “moving toward wholeness”, taking the next appropriate step on the journey toward wholeness. When we enter a holotropic state with an open mind and no agenda, the psyche seems to “select” the experience that opens us to discovering what is really going on at the deepest levels of our being at that time, allowing that experience to evolve and teach us.

Nestled on a mat with closed eyes in a safe setting, this unstructured and highly experiential process provides an opportunity to express whatever is needed. By activating the unconscious and mobilizing blocked energies, Holotropic Breathwork accesses unfinished issues from our postnatal biography, traumatic physical or emotional events, perinatal memories, death and rebirth sequences, and a variety of transpersonal experiences that can reach mythological, archetypal, and universal realms.

Dr. Grof on Holotropic Breathwork

Here Dr. Grof explains how Holotropic breathing works.

Indigenous cultures have used non-ordinary states for healing throughout the ages. Reports of healing, self-discovery, and transformation often occur with this process. Participants generally leave the seminar with a renewed sense of well-being, a deeper spiritual connection, and inner peace.

Dr. Stanislav Grof on Holotropic Breathwork

Dr. Stanislav Grof and his wife Christina, pioneers in the field of clinical consciousness, developed this technique after many years of research and practice. It integrates insights from modern consciousness studies, depth psychology, and powerful spiritual practices. A highly experiential method, Holotropic Breathwork combines deep relaxation, enhanced breathing, evocative music, expressive/integrative bodywork, art, and group process. Facilitated by the breath, and surrendering in trust to the intrinsic wisdom of the body, psyche, and spirit, it offers unusual healing potential.